similar software

a utitlity that looks like the windows taskbar but has about the same functionality as the dock

gomac tool
program running under mac os 9.x or earlier providing you with the features of taskbar in os 9. does most probably not work with classic environment in os x.

other dock modifications

transparent dock
script with wich you can set the background of your dock to whatever you like, a picture, a pattern, a color, or none at all.

anywhere dock
tool to put your dock in any corner or even on the top side of your screen.

software resources in general
a great collection of shareware and freeware. the resource for the latest version of your software.

forums related to os x

programming related

the c programming language
the original c programming tutorial by kerningham and ritchie
dock manager reference
official documentation regarding the dock and the methods to call with the dock.
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