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wed 29.04.03 sourceforge hosting

finally, the page is online. i had some troubles getting used to sourceforge and those related commands like scp, ssh, and so on. sourceforge is a great resource for developers for whom it would be quite difficult to set up a whole new domain and server to bring a project to the public.

i hope i'll find soon the time to make the page up graphically and to implement some more dynamic structure to the whole page.

damian "birdz" vogel

fri 18.04.03 project started

the dockmod project is becoming reality. the idea was born in the past few days, and thensince it did not let me go anymore.

the page might soon be going online in a first text version, probably static and without a working forum. i will try to first look after the functionality and as second to design the page, but since i'm fond of graphical stuff it might be hard.

a german version of this page is planned, if i am in a good mood i will translate it even to french. but this is only if i advance well.

in the mean time you could tell me about your ideas at damian.vogel @

damian "birdz" vogel
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